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A well run pre-treatment program ensures, efficiency and reductions in chemical costs, as it reduces, fouling, scaling and membrane degradation. The benefits of these programs also include:

  • Optimized water quality
  • Quicker recovery
  • Increased water flow
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

Pretreatment generally includes one or more forms of filtration. Treatment of your makeup water is essential for optimizing the success of any filtration or membrane system. A pretreatment program from your AssureChem Water Technologies Inc. field engineer may include filter treatment, water softening, or both.

The technicians at AssureChem Water Technologies Inc. are experts in pre-treatment programs, with industry leading services, parts and technical knowledge we are able to provide a complete program for the improvement and efficiency of your facility.

We have you covered:

  • Water Softener
  • Reversed Osmosis
  • Filtration
  • Ion Exchange
  • Dealkalizers